Weather Conditions
By Steven "Grafix" Gibbs

We made it to the oasis. There was no sign of the undead until we topped that last dune. They rose from the ground and attacked. The air felt funny like some doom approaching. Thatís when I saw the cloud of dust approaching fast. "Dust storm" I shouted to my men. Some heard me some didnít. In a matter of minutes it was upon us. Four of my men were knocked down and I lost one due to the storm. The undead lost quite a few but we still had to retreat.

Weather Conditions
Roll on this chart at the beginning of a scenario to see how the weather is going to effect your play. Hot Weather has no adverse effects on the undead.
2d6 Conditions


Itís Raining. All missile and powder weapons are at a Ė1 to hit. Black Powder weapons have to roll to see if they can fire each time that they shoot. Roll a d6 1-2 the powder is too wet, 3-6 you can fire as normal. The storm lasts d3 turns. All mummies suffer -1 ws -1 bs -1 mv and that lasts until one turn after the storm stopped.


Hot as Hades. The weather is so hot it saps your energy. Ė2 to all WS and BS. You also start to see mirages. Each time you prepare to attack roll a d6 on a 6 you attack the mirage doing no damage to anyone.


No adverse conditions.


Hot. The weather is so hot it saps your energy. Ė1 to all WS and BS


Dust Storm. A dust storm will be here in d6 turns. You have that amount of time to get your warband in cover. Each fig out of cover will suffer d3 s3 wounds . Roll on this chart for wounds 1-3 knocked down, 4-5 stunned, 6 ooa. OOA means the player is covered by sand. If he is not rescued by the second turn after the Dust Storm he is OOA for the rest of the battle.

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