Elemental Magic
by Michael Yungbluth

Ice magic

1.Frost- difficulty 7, range 16", target must roll under or equal to their toughness or suffer a wound. 6 always fail.

2.Cone of Ice- difficulty 8, range flame template (The bigger one), any model under the template or partway suffer a Strength 3 hit. No critical hits.

3.Freezing Cold- difficulty 9, range 8", target must roll equal or under its toughness or be stunned no matter how many wounds it has.

4.Hail- difficulty 8, range 12", Target on model. That model suffers 1D3+3 S2 hits. All models within 2" suffer D3 S2 hits. Will not do any critical hits. Target also gets a 1 to hit for shooting his next turn.

5.Numming Cold- difficulty 9, range 8", target model is at 1 to injury roll (If a 1 is rolled then the wound is useless), also he has 2I (min. of 1), and must roll a D6. On a 1 roll another D6. 1-3 model is knocked down, 4-5 model is stunned, and 6 model is taken out of action. Last till beginning of your next turn.

6.Ice Patch- difficulty 6, range 6", Cast at the beginning of the movement phase. Model must roll an Int. test. If failed model is knocked down. No model may charge this model or get with in 4". Any models already within the 4" must move out in their movement phase after they pass an Int. test. If failed they to fall down. If model was in HtH then the battle is separated as they are trying to maintain there balance.

Fire Magic

1.Fireball- difficulty 8, range 16", one model in line of sight takes a S5 hit. This is the lesser magic version.

2.Fairy Fire- difficulty 6, range 8", target model now cause fear and is +1 to hit for being shot at. Also model may not hide. During your recover phase roll a D6. On a 1 or 2 the spell fails.

3.Smoke- difficulty 6, range 6", target model and all models within 3" counts as being in cover. Last till beginning of your next turn.

4.Burning Ring- difficulty 8, range caster, All models with in 2" take one S3 hit. Any model attempting to charge must take a fear test, even models who cause fear. If the charge is successful model takes one S3 hit. Last till your next recover phase.

5.Burning Hand- difficulty 8, range caster, Caster may sacrifice all of his attacks to make one hth attack with a S5 hit that cause 2 wounds. Also if it hits the model being hit on a 4+ starts on fire.

6.Inferno- difficulty 10, range 12", Target model suffers D3 S5 hits. Also all models within 4" suffer one S3 hit. +1 to injury rolls. On 4+ target starts on fire and on 5+ all models with in 4" start on fire.

Wind Magic

1.Riding the Wind- difficulty 6, range caster, model may move anywhere up to 12+2D3". May not move into base to base with an enemy model.

2.Lightning Bolt- difficulty 10, range 12", target takes one S6 hit. If wearing H. armor, light armor and shield, Ilm. Armor, or Gromril armor target takes D3 hits with S6.

3.Fog- difficulty 6, range caster, Target counts as being in cover and strikes first in hth, even against spears.

4.Gale blades- difficulty 7, range 12", caster shoots 2D3+2 S3 attacks. Roll to hit with no modifiers.

5.Twister- difficulty 9, range 12", target one model not in hth. Caster rolls 2D6 and target rolls D6. Target adds its Strength and +1 if it is large to the D6. If the casters roll is higher then the target it scatters 2D6" randomly and suffers one hit equal to the distance, Also next turn acts as if it had been knocked down and just got up. If the two rolls are equal then the model scatters randomly D3" and may not run next turn. If the target is higher then nothing happens to him.

6.Wall of Wind- difficulty 7, range caster, any shooting at target or models with in2" is at 2 to hit.

Earth Magic

1.Stone Skin- difficulty 8, range 6", target gets a +2 to his armor save. Every recover phase if the caster is farther then 6" then the spell wears off. To maintain the spell the cast must pass the difficulty test ever recover phase. Only one model may be stone skinned at a time.

2.Earthquake- difficulty 8, all models within 8" must pass an Int. test or be knocked down. No model within the 8" may run next turn.

3.Mud- difficulty 7, range 8", Target model may not move. Will fight back if charged. Last till caster next turn.

4.Stone Guardian- difficulty 10, before battle, summons a stone guardian. Must stay within 8" of summoner. Stats are M5, WS2, BS0, S4, T4, W2, I1, A2, Ld10, armor save of 5+. Guardian is immune to poison and psychology may not run and causes fear.

5.Two stone hands attack Stone Hands- difficulty 8, range 6", the target is attacked by two hands. The hands have WS4, S4, A2. Attacks can be parried. Last for one hth phase.

6.Earth lore- difficulty auto, after battle, May re-roll one dice and/or modify one dice by +1/-1. May not re-roll a re-roll. Spell can effect different dice. If caster was taken out of action this spell my not be used.

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