Hob Goblins Warband
By Brian Coggin, and an unnamed author from the Mordheim E-mail list. Flavor text and original idea by James S. Mackay.

From Travels in Araby , by Sir Rikard Burghton, University of Altdorf Press, 2432

.....of the myriad dangers awaiting the traveler in the wastes of Araby, none can be considered more unsettling than an encounter with a roving band of nomadic Hobgoblins. These loathsome and cowardly creatures will track a caravan for days on end, only revealing themselves by the mournful howling of the flea-bitten and scrofulous wolves they use as mounts. When they can no longer resist temptation, or the deem a caravan sufficiently weakened constant by harassment, they will attack in the most duplicitous manner, their wolf-riders feinting at the encampment, while their composite archers snipe away from afar. All this is merely a ruse to allow a select few to gain entrance to the camp by stealth, armed with blades which literally exude poison. In the confusion, they try to murder whoever is at hand, and make off with any valuables which may lie within easy reach. This will continue, night after night, until the travelers are murdered to a man, or the Hobgoblins are met with force sufficient to convince them that further attacks are unwise. Fortunately for the author, the caravan with which he was associated was both well armed and disciplined, and was able to fend of these noisome beasts.

     Close examination of one specimen which was left for dead in our camp revealed an obvious kinship with the green skinned races of the Old World, though the Hobgoblins make Orcs seem positively urbane. They apparently don captured equipment and clothing over their current garments, letting the layers beneath rot away. This partially accounts for the stench attending them at even a great distance. The viscous curved blades they employ ooze a thick poison substance, which seems to weep from the very pores of the metal, while the bows with which they arm themselves are wondrously compact, retaining an ability to fire an arrow with tremendous force.

      In comparison with the other dangers the author encountered in the Land of the Dead, the Hobgoblins may  seem but a nuisance, but be assured that this particular caravan journey was among the most harrowing episodes I have to relate......

Hobgoblin Warbands:

You Have 500 Loot points to recruit your initial warband
Your Warband Must consist of at least  3 models and may number no more that 15.

The Khan starts with 20 experience
The Magi starts with 8 experience
Loot Boyz start with 0 experience

Special Rules:

Treacherous Gits:

Hobgoblins are notorious for their treachery in all things, including combat. For all henchmen not already in hand to hand combat roll a d6 at the beginning of each turn. If they roll a 1 on that d6 then roll another and reference the following chart:

1 The treacherous git switches sides, and can now be controlled by the opposing team for the rest of the battle. If there are multiple opponents the hobgoblin will attach himself the warband with the highest rating. Note that this hobgoblin must still take treachery tests, and therefore could end up back on his original team
2-5 The hobgoblin is too interested in saving his own skin that he will refuse to shoot or charge this turn, but may perform other actions.
6 The henchman is infused with fresh determination and loyalty, and doesn't need to roll further treachery tests for the rest of the game

Giant Wolves:

The warband may include a number of Giant Wolves as detailed below. These must be ridden into battle.  You may nominate either heroes or henchmen to ride these wolves and the rules for mounted models in the mordheim book apply, however the riders will not dismount for any reason during a battle, so it is generally a bad idea to have an entire warband mounted. If the model is taken out of action roll for both the rider and the wolf on the serious injury table. You may switch riders between battles if you like.  While mounted models are unable to enter buildings in above-ground scenarios they may still be ridden in tomb raider scenarios, however due to their bulk and the nature of the tombs mounted models may not run while inside of tombs, and will only charge their normal move distance (a charge must still be declared as normal, however, and you cannot simply 'move' into hand to hand combat.)


 Combat Shooting Academic Strength Speed Special
Warrior Combat Shooting Academic Strength Speed  Special
Khan     X      X    X    X    X
Magi           X      X    X    X
Loot Boy     X      X     X    X    X

Special Skills:

Ded Shooty: Hobgoblins are famed masters of the bow, and their steady aim allows them to fire with uncanny accuracy while on the move. This skill allows a hobgoblin to ignore movement penalties when shooting. Hobgoblins riding giant wolves can use this skill as well, suffering no penalties to movement while firing from wolf back.

Ded Sneaky: These sneaky hobgoblins have been trained as scouts, sneaking up close to the enemy to deliver a deadly strike or observe the enemy positions for their leaders. A hobgoblin with this skill is placed after all other models have been placed. He can be placed anywhere on the table, as long as he's at least 12 from any opponent's models.

Backstabba: The hobgoblins are a tricky breed, and take advantage of any opportunity in combat. A hobgoblin with this skill can make a surprise attack on his opponent from a direction he isn't expecting. The attack is in addition to the hobgoblin's normal attacks, but cannot be parried.


1 Khan 50 Loot points to hire
4 4 4 3 3 1 4 1 8
The Khan is the meanest and fiercest warrior of the warband. He rules with an iron fist
and none will (openly) dispute his power. He has first pick of the loot.

The Khan may purchase weapons and equipment from the Loot Boyz list.

Special Rules:
Leader: Any member of the warband within 6" can use the Khan's leadership for Psychology tests

0-1 Magi   35 Loot points to hire
4 2 3 3 3 1 3 1 7
Often Hobgoblin raiding forces include one of their Magi, gifted with the ability to wield magic
these are fearsome opponents.

The Magi may purchase weapons and equipment from the Loot boyz list.

Special Rules:
The Magi is a Spell caster and starts with one spell from the Hobgoblin spell list, chosen in the normal way.
As a Spell caster the Magi may not wear armour.

Loot Boyz   35 Loot points to hire
4 3 3 3 3 1 3 1 6
The Biggest and Baddest of the Thievin' Gitz, Loot Boyz run with the Khan
and are entitled to the best loot (after the Khan of course).

Loot Boyz may purchase weapons and equipment from the Loot Boyz list.


Thievin' Gitz   30 Loot points to hire
4 3 3 3 3 1 2 1 6
Cunning and sneaky, Thievin' Gitz love to creep into camps at night and make off
with whatever they can get their hands on, and usually bury a dagger in the back of
a sleeping warrior or two.

Thievin' Gitz may purchase weapons and equipment from the Thievin' Gitz List.

0-5 Stickaz   40 Loot points to hire
4 3 3 3 3 1 2 1 6
Stickaz are Hobgoblin bowmen. they subscribe to the motto, "they can't hit back from 150  feet".

Stickaz may purchase weapons and equipment from the Thievin' Gitz List.

Special Skills:
Stickaz may re-roll failed to-hit rolls with missile weapons once per turn.

0-5 Giant Wolves    50  Loot points to hire
9 4 0 3 3 1 3 1 3
Not only are the Giant wolves valued warriors but also serve as mounts for the the
Hobgoblins, who will ride them into battle in a whooping frenzy of attacks.

Special rules:
Giant Wolves are animals and as such may not gain any experience and may not be given any weapons or equipment.


Loot Boyz Equipment List:
Dagger free/2 gold
Mace 3 gold
Sword 10 gold
Spear 10 gold
Scimitar 15 gold
Cutlass 15 gold
Shield 5 gold
Helmet 10 gold
Light armor 20 gold
Sling 2 gold
Short bow 5 gold
Bow 10 gold

Theivin' Gitz Equipment list
Dagger free/2 gold
  Mace 3 gold
Sword 10 gold
Spear 10 gold
Helmet 10 gold
Light armor
20 gold
Bow 10 gold







Hobgoblin Spell List

Hit da Mark   Difficulty: 7
The Magi helps the blows of his comrades find their mark with this spell. All members of the warband within 6 of the Magi can re-roll failed hand-to-hand attacks this turn.

Yer not Lookin'    Difficulty: 8
This spell can be targeted against any model within 8 of the shaman. A successful casting blinds the opponent, making him unable to move or shoot. The model's weapon skill is reduced to 1 for the duration of the spell. The spell lasts for the remainder of the Magi's turn, and through the opponents next turn. The spell expires at the beginning of the Magi's following turn.

Sticka Storm Difficulty: 7
The Sticka Storm is a hail of vicious barbed arrows drawn into existence when the Magi casts the spell. The arrows can then be fired by the Magi at any single opponent using his ballistic skill, but ignoring modifiers for range, movement, or cover. The arrows are strength 3, and add a +1 to injury rolls. The spell summons d3 +1 such arrows, which have a range of 24.

Dig in Ladz  Difficulty: 7
The Magi gives one hobgoblin within 4" the ability to strike first in hand-to-hand combat. This applies despite any other factors except magic. If both sides are allowed to go first via magic, then combat is simultaneous. This lasts until the beginning of the Magi's next turn.

Feel da Burn!  Difficulty: 9
The Magi lets loose with a viscous blast of raw magical power. This explodes in a ball of magical fire, hitting each model within 8" for one str 4 hit, with no saves allowed.

One of Uz, One of Uz! Difficulty: 10
This spell gives one enemy model with 12" the same back stabbing nature of the hobgoblin's. This model must test on the Treacherous Gitz table in the same manner as a hobgoblin henchman. If he ends the game aligned with the hobgoblin warband then he will in fact become a hobgoblin and join the Magi's warband as a basic Theivin' Git at the start of the next battle. If the Hobgoblin warband already has 15 members then the hobgoblin player has the choice of dismissing one of it's members or returning the treacherous model to his own warband.

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