Unlike Mordheim, where plenty of settlements were near the city and readily accessible to warbands, the tombs of Khemri are isolated and far from civilization. To make matters worse, they are within the desolate clutches of the desert, and which is barely habitable. This makes the exploration of the tombs much more complicated. Warbands find themselves far from their source of supply, and often missing treasure hunters will be found buried in the sand, killed not by the dangers within tombs or by another warband, but by the harsh conditions of the desert. And yet there are sources of supply and water in the desert, scarce as they may be. These may come in the form of the last of the great cities that once populated Khemri, traveling merchants looking to take advantage of ill-equipped treasure hunters, or even a secret and beautiful oasis where traveling caravans often make routine stops.

When a battle has ended, all players must roll 2D6 on the following table to determine where (or if) they find a place to resupply. The victor is allowed to add a +1 modifier to his roll:

2-3 Nothing: The warband is lost in the desert, and cannot find anyone to help them. They must survive to the end of the next battle on what they have now.

4-6 Merchant: The warband is approached by a traveling merchant. He has all of the items available in his wagon, as well as horses and/or camels, (whatever). Merchants are usually unscrupulous, and will sell their wares to anyone. However, there will be an increase in the cost of all items bought from the merchant, as he has inflated prices. (So, say add an extra 25% to the cost of everything). As well, he can provide Henchmen (no Heroes) at the same cost increase, (as he will send a servant to retrieve them,) and they will be available for your next battle. He will sell you water at D6 gc per unit. The merchant will buy any treasure/wydstone (whatever it is) for the regular cost. Models with the Haggle skill will not suffer he price increase. All items with a Rare level 9+ will not be available.

7-8 City: The warband comes upon an outpost in the desert (Bel- Aliad ;). They are given a relatively good welcome, and are able to shop/trade/recruit as normal. Water will be sold to them for D3 gc per unit.

9-10 Nomads/Well: The warband comes across a group of nomads (D6+1) guarding a well. The warband can either buy items/water from the nomads, or attack them to attempt to gain free access to the well. (Nomad stats required) If the warband buys things, all items are given a +3 to their Rare rating, including normally common items. The items are sold at cost + 25% like the Merchant unless sold to a model with the Haggle skill. Only Henchmen are available to be bought, and no more than 3. Water will be sold at D6 per unit. The nomads will buy treasure/wyrdstone as if your group was one level larger (so a group of 1-3 would be counted as a group of 4-6, a group of 4-6 would be counted as a group of 7-9, and so on.) If you attack the nomads, you must fight them as you would usually. You will receive free water, but can only find common items, which are treated as having a Rare value of 6, but are obviously free.

11-12 Oasis: The warband comes across a rare but beautiful desert oasis. On a roll of a 3+ (with a +1 mod for every battle before that you found nothing when searching like this), there is a large caravan at the oasis as well. The caravan openly trades with the warband, allowing the warband to re-equip/recruit/sell as normally. Also, the water here is plentiful, and the water may be restored entirely for free.

There will be other modifiers to the list. Some of the indigenous warbands will be given a +1 to their roll. As well, other characters/items (whatever) can be used to re-roll the results, etc. (more on this later, in the individual warband/character/item descriptions).

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