These rules are for use with the Tomb Raider scenarios. Each player starts with a small room at one corner of the table. From here they will build the Tomb as they go, unless a scenario states other wise. Also a large room is placed in the center as the objective, unless stated otherwise in the scenario. Start each turn by rolling to see what type of tile you may place on the board and than roll a d6 to find out where to place it. When adding a tile it must:

be off the end that is not connected to a tile
connect to the tile you most recently placed
can not go off the table

Roll a d6 to randomize which side of the end the next tile is placed off of, ie: the last tile you placed was a hall. Select each side to be a different value 1-2 side 1, 3-4 side 2, 5-6 side 3 after you roll for the edge place the tile connecting to that edge.

You may connect to other halls, rooms, etc. but you should never end up going off the table.

Roll 2d6 to find out what type of tile you may place on the board.

2 Large Room
3-6 Hall
7-8 T junction
9-11 Small room
12 is your choice


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