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Mordheim Harpy Warband
By Rowan Coupland (
& help from Michael Yungbluth and Jeffrey J. Visgaitis

When the comet struck Mordheim, it carried a passenger. He was The Shadowlord, a daemon far more powerful than anything the world had seen before. He was not the only thing that crashed from the heavens into the city. A female, or something close to female, daemon came also. Her same was Siren.

When Siren emerged from the smoldering ruins of something that was later to be known as 'the pit', she found that her body was changed. Two large, taloned wings arched away from her back. She found that, with effort, she could fly, and while surveying the puny city from the air, she noticed a small, weak, life form, sitting in the rubble of a ruined building, toying with a glowing gem. Unknown to her it was a human baby. Siren eagerly began the descent to the ground, readying for the attack, and screeched a terrible, thirsting cry for battle. Suddenly, the child squealed, and began twisting and squirming, with it's body wreathed in agony. It's skin, which had been pink and healthy before, began to take on a greyish-browny hue, and new limbs were erupting out of it's back, as if a sword was tearing through the body and had come out the other side. Fingers became claws, his rosy face became wrinkled and leering, and, like Siren, two taloned wings, terrible, taloned wings, were sticking out of the victim's back. Far worse than any of this, the boy's mind was now bestial, and utterly evil. Also, the beast, much to Siren's glee, obeyed the she-daemon's every command.

More mutations followed, and Siren had amassed a fairly large following. She had found, however, that only the young, male, humans reacted strongly to her call, and that the glowing stone, which she now recognized to be shards from the comet that brought her here, were vital in the assistance for the transformation. The females that did react to her call were found to, after undergoing the transformation, be able to bend other male humans to their will, and turn them to harpies. Soon, the number of harpies became so great, that Siren separated them into different groups, known as packs. Each pack would consist of one female harpy, which were named after Siren in dedication to her, and one of the Siren's most favored harpy, who would lead the pack.

Choice of warriors

A harpy warband must have a minimum of three models. You have 500 gold crowns to recruit your initial warband. The maximum number of warriors in the warband may never exceed 18.

Siren's Chosen: Each Harpy must have one Siren's Chosen- no more, no less!
Siren: A harpy warband must also include a harpy Siren. If the siren dies, she must be replaced as soon as possible.
Scavenger: Your warband may include up to 3 harpy scavengers.
Harpies: Your warband may include any number of harpies.
Lackeys: Your warband may contain up to 5 lackeys.

Starting Experience

The Siren's Chosen starts with 20 experience
The Siren starts with 12 experience
A scavenger starts with 5 experience
Henchman start with 0 experience

Harpy Equipment List

Most harpies may not use weapons or equipment, excepting lackeys, who may use this table as normal. A harpy who gains the weapons training skill may use this equipment list, and may use miscellaneous equipment. This replaces the rules stated.


Dagger..................................................4 gc
Club.......................................................6 gc
Double-handed club..........................20 gc
Sling.......................................................6 gc
Sharp Stick (spear).............................15 gc

Harpy Maximum Characteristics

A harpies stats may never exceed these limitations. The maximum movement for a harpy is movement 9 because when a harpy has the choice to gain a ballistic skill advance, they may choose to gain a movement advance instead (not as well).

Profile  M  WS  BS  S T W I A LD
Harpy 9  6 2 5 5 3 4 3  7

Flight Skills

A harpy warband may use the flight skill list instead of the standard skill lists. This skill table may be used with other flying warbands.

Dive Bomb- The warrior has learned the ability to attack foes from up high, dive bombing them from the safety of the clouds. The warrior may use this skill if he is within 8" of an enemy. Any enemy within 8" may be charged using the dive bomb, and the flying player gains +1 to hit and +1 strength in the first round of combat.

Long Flight- The warrior is incredibly adept at flying long distances, and staying in the air for long periods of time. The warrior may move 20" in his turn, ignoring all terrain and obstacles in it's way. It may be placed in combat. Note- this is so exhausting that it may not be used two turns in a row.

Strong Wing- The warrior's wings are so strong that he may parry with them.

Spiked/Taloned Wings- The warrior is skilled in the art of using his wings in combat. The warrior gains an extra S4 attack, with no bonuses from weapons or equipment.

High Fly- The warrior can spend an amazing amount of time in the air, giving him a moblity unimaginable to other warriors. If the warrior does nothing for turn i.e. start the turn standing up, end the turn standing in the same place, without having shot or cast spells, then he may be placed anywhere on the battlefield- he may be placed in combat, in which case he counts as charging, but may not carry objects such as a treasure chest with him when he makes this move.

Harpy Skill Tables

   Combat Shooting Academic  Strength Speed Flight
Siren's Chosen  X     X X X
Siren     X   X X
Scavenger X       X X


1 Siren's Chosen

90 gold crowns to hire

The Siren's Chosen is a harpy who is specially favoured by the Siren, and is far stronger and more intelligent than a normal harpy. His heightened leadership was the one reason he was chosen by the Siren to lead the pack.

Profile  M  WS  BS  S T W I A LD
Siren's Chosen 7  5 0 4 4 2 3 1  7

Weapons/Armour: The Siren's Chosen may not be equipped with any weapons unless he gains the weapons training skill

Special Rules

Leader: Any friendly warrior within 6" of the Siren's Chosen may use his leadership instead of his own.

Fly: All harpies can fly, allowing them access to the flight skill list. It also gives them the high movement, and the ability to automatically pass initiative tests for climbing. Harpies ignore terrain 3" high or lower when moving, and must pass initiative tests to move through/over terrain higher than this.


1 Siren

75 gold crowns to hire

Sirens are fearsome opponents, and far more intelligent and deadly than normal harpies. There cry is poison to all mortals who hear it, as it can either enslave them, or wrench their souls from their body. Although smaller and weaker in appearence to one of her brethen, she should not be underestimated, for it is a foolish warrior who attacks the Siren without a thought for his safety, or indeed, his soul.

Profile  M  WS  BS  S T W I A LD
Siren's 6 4 0 4 3 2 3 1 6

Weapons/Armour: The Siren may not be equipped with any weapons.

Special Rules

Fly: All harpies can fly, allowing them access to the flight skill list. It also gives them the high movement, and the ability to automatically pass initiative tests when climbing. Hapies ignore terrain 3" high or lower when moving, and must pass initiative tests to move through/over terrain higher than this.

Siren's Calls: A Harpy Siren has the ability to use the Siren's Calls table. She starts the campaign with one randomely-determined Siren's Call, and may gain additional ones by choosing to roll on the table instead of gaining a new skill.

Creation: The Siren may mutate captured enemies into harpies. If the harpy player has captured a humanoid (roughly human size, mortal), and has at least one shard of wyrdstone in his stash, he may turn the captured warrior into a harpy lackey, as long as the warband does not altready have it's full quota of lackeys, or warband members. The warrior loses all his previous stats, and the equipment is retained by the harpy player. Naturally, the newly-made lackey may no longer fight for it's previous warband.


0-3 Scavengers

45 gold crowns to hire

Scavengers are the newer initiates of the pack. Although young and inexperienced, they are eager to prove themselves in battle. Due to their age, their skin displays a lighter hue than that of the older harpies.

Profile  M  WS  BS  S T W I A LD
Scavenger 6 3 0 4 3 2 2 1 6

Special Rules

Fly: All harpies can fly, allowing them access to the flight skill list. This also gives them the high movement and ability to move over terrain 3" high or lower with no penalties. An initiative test is required to move through/over terrain higher than this.


Henchmen (bought in groups of 1-5)


50 gold crowns to hire

Harpies form the main bulk of the warband, but easily rival any of the opposition's elites. Although their primary skill is strength in numbers, they are hard to get hold of and expensive to hire, but this is of little significance for their fighting skill and ability to soak up missile fire is incredible.

Profile  M  WS  BS  S T W I A LD
Harpy 6 4 0 4 3 2 2 1 6

Special Rules

Fly: All Harpies can fly, allowing them access to the flight skill list. This also gives them the high movement, and the ability to move through terrain 3" high or lower without penalties. An initiative test is required to move through/over terrain higher than this.


15 gold crowns to hire

Lackeys are mortals who have fallen victim to the call of the Siren. They mainly consist of fully grown men, who did not react well to the mutating cry of the harpy, and as a result they now live a miserable half-life as a mutant with no real mind or soul, who are merely slaves, forced by the irresistable call of the Siren to serve the harpies for the rest of their short lives. There appearance is of a wild-eyed human with strange limbs and bat-like wings.

Profile  M  WS  BS  S T W I A LD
Lackey 5 2 1 3 3 1 2 1 6

Special Rules

Fly: Lackeys can also fly and use the flight skill list, although their wings are not as large or strong as other, more well-developed hapies. Because of this, their base movement is only 5, and they may only move over terrain 2" or lower without penalties. As before, anything higher will require an initiative test to move over.


The call of a harpy is devastating, to say the least. The siren utilises these calls to bend mortals to her will, or to destroy the souls of enemies.

Only A harpy siren may use this magic table.

D6 Result

1 Terror Scream Difficulty 7

The harpy cries out in a truly terrible tone, causing enemies to stand still in shock and horror at the sound, covering their ears.

The terror scream may be directed at a single model within 8". That warrior must then take a fear test, and if failed, may perform no actions until the end of his own close-combat phase in his own turn. If attacked in close-combat, they may attack back but will need 6's to hit.

2 Soul Call Difficulty 10

The siren lets out a lovely, enchanting, call, ensnaring nearby mortals, and twisting them to her will. A warrior within 12" of the siren will hear her irresistable call, and unless the warrior can pass a leadership test on 2D6+2 (just 2D6 for female warriors) they will move in a staight line, as quickly as possible without running towards the harpy Siren for D3 turns. If there is a wall in the way, he will climb it. If there is a bottomless pit in front of him, he will fall into it. He will continue to move towards the siren unless a) he passes a leadership test at the start of his turn with the modifications used before b) he becomes stunned, or is taken out of action or c) the number of turns the soul call lasts for runs out. If he is still alive, and did not reach the siren, then if soul call is cast on him again, the leadership test will be at 2D6 +1, instead of +2. Females who have had soul call cast on them twice will take leadership tests on 2D6 -1. If attacked in close combat while under the influence of soul call, the warrior will attack and defend normally, but will continue towards the siren if it can once the combat is over. If the warrior reaches the siren, he is taken out of action in game terms, but will not suffer any injuries after the battle. If the game ends, and the siren has not been taken out of action, then the warrior ensnared by the siren is assumed captured.

3 Sound Blast Difficulty 8

A ear-splitting, wall of sound arches away from the harpy Siren towards it's victim.

A single warrior 10" suffers D3 strength four hits, with no armour save.

4 Call of the wild Difficulty Auto

The beckoning cry of the Siren summons forth a number of animals from the surrounding area.

This spell may be cast once per battle, if the Siren is not out of action. Roll a D6.

1.- Nothing: No animals are lured into fighting for the warband.

2.- One warhound joins the warband for the duration of that battle.

3-5.- D3 giant rats join the warband for the battle.

6.- One Chaos Hound (see the beastmen rules) joins the warband for the battle.

All animals are treated as normal, are not magical, and can be taken out of action. They will dissappear when the battle ends.

5 Disorientation Difficulty 8

All warriors near the Siren suddenly feel hopeless and confused when she lets out a strange cry.

All warriors in close combat with the Siren will need 6's to hit in the next round of combat.

6 Soul Devourer Difficulty 8

The call of Siren eats away at the souls of nearby warriors.

All enemies within 8" of the Siren suffer an automatic strength 3 hit.


For anyone who has used my rules for harpies in a campaign, any comments would be greatly recieved, and my e-mail adress can be found on the top of the page. Hope you enjoy playing with the winged ones!

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