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By Steve (Grafix) Gibbs
with help from the Famous Duelist Donato, Pal Adamson and Bri'n Cog'n

"You have insulted me for the last time" Elregar shouted. "I demand
"When and where?" Orczy replied nonchalantly.
"Tomorrow at dawn, in the street in front of the Twisted Goat"
"Very well Tomorrow."
Dawn came quickly and Elreagr and Orczy met in front of the inn. The
sun was rising banishing the early morning mist and the sky was
Elregar turned to Orczy, "Today is a good day to die."
Orczy winked and replied, "But a better day to live."
A crowd had gathered to watch the duel despite the earlyness of it.
Donato held forth the box containing two dueling pistols. "Choose your
weapon," he said.
The two men selected their weapons.
Donato explained the rules, "You will stand back to back, take six
paces turn and wait for me to drop this cloth." He held forth a red
strip of cloth. "When the cloth is let go you may fire. Any questions?"
None. The two men stood back to back took their six paces and aimed
their weapons. Both waited for the red cloth to fall.

Duels may happen in Mordheim between regular games or for quick one on one battles. In dueling there is a code of honor.

Dueling Code of Honor

  1. The duel is between the challenger and the challenged, only they may participate
  2. In a pistol duel you will stand and shoot at each other (no charging)
  3. No extra weapons may be brought.
  4. The judge will provide you a weapon if you donít have it for the duel
  5. The weapon must be returned to the judge after the duel
  6. Any special skills you have may be used
  7. Only leather armor is allowed
  8. Shields and helmets may be used if both players agree
  9. Magic is right out
  10. Drugs are in
Failure to follow any of these will result in no experience points gained for the duel

Heroís may challenge other heroís to duels outside of regular games. This challenge may be issued due to the fact they lost the last battle, are avenging the death of a fallen comrade, they insulted your mother, drank your beer, or whatever you want to challenge an opponent for.

A captain MUST challenge the opposing captain if he wants to fight a duel. He may not challenge a "normal" hero. Heroes may challenge other heroes or even a captain.

The hero who is being challenged to a duel may do two things:

    1. Decline the duel - If the hero declines the duel, the hero that challenged him counts as a Fear-causing creature to him for the next battle the two warbands fight in.
    2. Accept challenge - if the hero accepts the challenge, he may choose the weapons to fight the duel with, either the sword or pistol. The judge (an imaginary one unless some one wants to create a character for him) will supply the weapons needed for the duel. He also holds the bets.


Either side may wager on which champion will win. Both players agree on the amount they will bet. The judge will hold the money and retain 10% for his fee and for supplying the weapons. The winner will get to keep 90% of the winnings. He will also gain 1d6*6 from spectatorís bets.


Both players gain 1 experience for participating in the duel (after all even the loser would learn something). The winner gains 1 for taking his opponent OOA or 2 if he kills his opponent (the winner has a chance to gain 3 experience not 4).


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