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Tomb Raid

The warbands have herd rumors of a tomb in the area with treasure. Each warband is trying to find it first and make it back out of the tomb alive.

Use tiles to show the tomb. Place the Burial chamber in the center of the table and an entrance room one of the corners of the table. If more than two warbands are playing place as many entrance tiles as needed at the corners.

Roll to see who starts. Highest roll chooses starting tile.



Roll to see who goes first. Highest roll starts.

Special Rules
Each warband is trying to get to the center chamber to get the treasure chest. Once there they must carry it out of the tomb and live. A figure must be in contact with the treasure chest for 1 turn to pick it up. Once carrying it you may move at half speed. If two people carry the chest they may move at normal speed. The other warband may stop them from escaping and take the chest for themselves. If you rout while carrying the chest you lose it.

Ending the Game
If a warband fails a rout test the game ends.
If a warband takes the treasure chest and escapes they win.

Hero's gain +1 experience for each person OOA.
Leader gain +1 experience for winning
All gain +1 experience for surviving

The winner gets treasure of the following chart:

D6x10 gc
D3 gems worth d6x5 gc
Roll a d6 three times on the chart to find out what else you get.
1. Heavy Armor
2. D3 Scimitars
3. D6 Jambyias (dagger)
4. Gem Encrusted Helmet worth d6x10 gc
5. Shield
6. Monkeys Paw
7. Magic lamp [try to figure out how to roll a 7 on a d6 ;o)]

Monkey’s paw – grants wishes per Lamp but have to roll once on the bad side. If you roll this item you must take it. Every two games you have it and don’t use it you have to roll on the bad side of the chart. You may not get rid of it unless you use it three times or roll lose the paw. After the third use it disapears.




Gain d6 experience points

Lose d6 experience points


Gain one skill from your skill list

Lose one skill from your skill list


Gain d6x10 gc

Lose d6x10 gc


Gain an extra hero even if it is above your maximum

Lose a hero


Gain an extra henchman

Lose a henchman


Roll twice more on this chart

Lose the paw

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