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A terrible Sand Storm has whipped up. As Your war band stumbles through the storm you see some glints of what looks to your sun addled mind like treasure! Unfortunately, you are not the only war band to spot the treasure...

Each Player Takes it in turn to place a piece of terrain, either a dune, a rock outcropping, cactus growth or the like.

Roll a D3 for each war band playing. The number rolled indicates the number of mirage counters to be placed on the table. Players alternate placing the tokens. You can roll off for who places the first one if you can’t decide arbitrarily. The Mirage tokens must be 10” from the edge of the table and at least 6” away from each other. When a member of the war band (animals such as war hounds and other things that cannot gain experience due to their lack of intelligence cannot check mirages) encounters a mirage token roll 2D6 on the following table:

2- the mirage turns out to be a vengeful spirit! Roll equal to or under your toughness on 1D6 to avoid becoming stunned as the spirit ravages your mind. Regardless of the outcome of this roll, the spirit wanders off afterwards and no longer effects the skirmish.

3-5 -the mirage fades before your eyes!

6-8- the glint you detected turns out to be an item of value or similar treasure or item relevant to your war band! It can be picked up and carried just like a wierdstone token in other scenarios IE it cannot be traded and if the model carrying it is put out of action place the token where the model last was. It can be then picked up and carried by another model. If the game ends or you rout while you are still carrying the valuable add it to your total for the battle in addition to what ever is found in the exploration phase.

9-11 - the mirage fades before your eyes!

12- the mirage turns out to be an honest to goodness oasis! the discovering model can fill up their water units. Any other model can fill up on water at the mirage assuming there are no enemy models within 6” other wise they are too distracted to fill canteens. In addition who ever wins the battle regardless of which band discovers it has access to unlimited free water in the exploration phase and their water counter may be set to maximum.

War Bands
The war bands are not put on the table at the outset but rather numbered counters representing each member of your war band. On a separate sheet write which number corresponds to which counter so as to prevent unscrupulous players from fudging which model is where. Also, each war band gets a D3 Phantom War band Members. They are set up exactly like the rest of your war band (IE represented by a numbered counter) and follow the rules below. Other than the hidden set up the war bands set up as normal IE within 8 inches of opposing table edges in a 2 player game highest roller sets up first or within 6 inches as per the normal multiplayers set up rules for a multiplayer game.

Special Rules
Phantom War band Members have a movement of 5. The numbered counters That represent actual members of your war band follow their normal movement rules. (although this may give away the identity of the counter, be sneaky!)
When ever counters from opposing war bands come within 8 inches of each other their identity is revealed. Phantom War band Members represent shadows or imagined threats and are not actually corporeal. When they are revealed they are simply removed from the game. Other wise the model to which the number counter corresponds is placed on the table and remains that way for the remainder of the battle.
Models cannot be charged or engaged in hand to hand combat during the turn they are revealed, but may be shot at and/or be the target of spells.

This rule represents the war bands stumbling through the sand storm towards each other. Note that if one of the members of your war band touches a mirage counter their identity is revealed and they are placed on the board before the type of mirage is rolled.
If a Phantom War band Member encounters a mirage counter, they cancel each other out remove both counters from the table and do not roll to determine the type of mirage.

Starting the Game
All players roll a D6 the highest rolling player has the first turn.

Ending the Game
The game ends when all war bands save one has failed it’s rout test.

+1 Survives
+1 Winning Leader
+1 Per enemy out of action
+1 Encountering a mirage token. Encountering and dispelling a mirage token garnishes the war band member one experience.


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