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Defend the Oasis


Your warband has found an oasis to rest and water on. As you are taking a break you are set upon by another band after the water.

Place terrain in center of 4’x4’ board 18 inches from all edges. Rocks, trees, small buildings/ruins are great for this. One item represents a well


Deploys inside the oasis

Deploys within 6"of any table edge (can deploy on multiple sides)

Attacker goes first

Ending the Game
If a warband fails a rout test the game ends.

If the attacking warband has more men within 6’ of the well than the defender the attacker wins.

Hero’s gain +1 experience for each person OOA.

Leader gain +1 experience for winning

The winner gains 5 water points for winning

The winner may remain at the oasis (since they successfully defended/captured it), and rolls for a caravan (3+) as normal. Meanwhile, the defeated warband has to roll on the exploration chart with a -1 mod, (as finding another oasis would be considerably difficult).


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