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Dark Ritual
By Sam Sedghi

Players: 2-4

in the dark lands of Khemri. There are those who wish to increase their power through the dark arts. Such events as sacrifice are not uncommon. Many ambitious Necromancers wish enhance their power through such Blood Ritual. Many a helpless maidens have been taking from small settlements. However there are those who wish to thwart this evil act & those to steal it for themselves.


Each Player takes it in to place a piece of terrain. Either sand dunes or ruins or similar items. Place an altar into he centre of the table with a Necromancer and victim. I suggest that the terrain is set up roughly by 4' x 4'.


Both players roll a D6 to see who deploys first. Whoever rolls highest sets up first within 8' of the table each of his choice. His opponent then sets up within 8' of the opposite edge.


Place a model to represent a necromancer
Necromancer stats characteristics: M4 WS2 BS2 S3 T3 W1 I4 A1 LD8

Place a model to represent the victim
Victim stats Characteristics  M4 WS- BS- S- T3 W1 I- A- LD-8

The Necromancer will sacrifice the Victim on  the 4th turn. The warbands must kill the necromancer before the 4th turn. If they do not then they lose the extra experience points gained after the game.

Warbands must rescue the Victim, once the necromancer is dead and the victim is 2" near a unit, the unit may take the victim. You must escort the victim to the nearest table edge. Once of the board you win the game.  A warrior can carry the victim without penalty. Warriors can't transfer the victim to another warrior. If the warrior carrying the victim is taking out of action place the victim on the table where he fell.

The victim rescued by a war band of good alignment receives 3d6 +10 GC. The victims rescued by a warband of evil alignment is sacrificed and the Leader gain +1 exp.

Ending of the Game:

When the Victim has been rescued. Or when one-warband fails its route test.

Multiplayer: When the Victim has been rescued. Or when all but one-warband fails it's route test.

+1 survives if a hero or a henchman groups survives a battle they gain +1 exp.

+1 winning leader, the leader of the winning warband gains +1 exp.

+2 to the warrior who rescues the victim.

+1 per enemy out of action. Any hero earns +1 exp for each enemy he puts out of action.


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